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Start the smart way. Enroll today in an employer's retirement savings program.


IT'S EASY. Contributions to an account are automatically deducted from individulas' paycheck – so they will never forget to invest.


IT'S SMART. Contributions are deducted before taxes are calculated – so individuals may reduce their current tax obligations.* Note that, if a plan allows for Roth contributions, these contributions are deducted from paychecks after taxes are taken out, and therefore do not offer a reduction of current tax obligations.


IT'S FLEXIBLE. An employer's plan offers a range of options. Individulas can choose what fits their investment style and financial goals.


These resources will help employees get ready to save:



*Withdrawals prior to retirement age (e.g., 59½ for 403(b) and 70½ for 457(b) plans) are generally prohibited. The taxable portion of a distribution from a retirement plan is generally taxed as ordinary income in the year distributed. For 403(b) and 401(k) plans, an additional 10% federal penalty tax may apply to taxable distributions made prior to age 59½. Withdrawal charges may also apply. Consult a tax advisor to determine whether an exception to these tax rules may apply.


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